Last Epoch
Full Digital Game
Full Original Digital Soundtrack
Epoch Points (EP)
Adolescent Chronowyrm - Cosmetic Pet
Fallen Ronin - Cosmetic Armor Set
Firefly´s Refuge - Cosmetic Portal
Temporal Guardian - Cosmetic Armor Set
Twilight Fox - Cosmetic Pet
Adult Chronowyrm - Cosmetic Pet
Celestial Way - Cosmetic Portal
( ! ) - Delivered at a later date following the release of patch 1.0

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What does the community say?

“This is f***ing perfection and exactly what I want in a video game!”
"It´s genius - I think this is the most innovation we´ve seen in a trade system in an ARPG in at least a decade."
"It looks like the best ARPG that is going to come out soon, is Last Epoch."

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Last Epoch in the news

Steven Weber
“The 1.0 launch promises to set a new standard in terms of quality, polish and an exceptional gameplay experience.”
Katharine Castle
"It's an impressive showing, to say the least, and I'll be keeping a close eye on it over the coming months."
Ed Smith
PC Games N
“Interaction, conversation, and regular visibility make Last Epoch stand out among some of its rivals.”